Tank Talk! Top 7 Best Remote-Control Tanks That Shoot!

Many people think that Army tanks are super cool. If you have ever seen one up close, at a military demonstration exercise or parked outside of a museum or military legion, you know firsthand how awesome they are. Sheer power and force display as they roll over the terrain, getting over everything in their path. No wonder we place so much emphasis and respect upon them.

rc tank that shoots
AKuptsova / Pixabay

Due to amazing advances in technology, now even regular Joes can enjoy the excitement of driving a tank, even play with rc tanks that shoot. Imagine the fun you can have when a group of friends all get together and bring their own special remote-control tank. Let the friendly rivalry begin and may the best tank operator win.

Okay, What’s So Great About It?

The reason people care so much about owning a rc tank is their unique ability to immerse users in a play setting that is unlike any other they have ever known. Sure, many of us know about RC cars, and drones, even those cool RC planes you see hobbyists flying around. But army tanks? That’s a whole new level of cool, and as mentioned before, some of them shoot missiles too. It brings us to a machine that many of us, unless we joined the military, will never get to experience.

Put Me in A Tank!

The technology and method by which your tank is controlled will vary, but the bulk of these tanks are controlled via radio signals and a controller you hold in your hand. Some of these tanks even have lights and smoke effects, depending on which model you buy. Some are frequency free, so you can operate your tank on any radio frequency you like within the appropriate part of the band. No matter how professional or basic you want to go, you’re going to have fun.

Help Me Choose?

There are hundreds of choices out there for your buying pleasure. We ranked these tanks on the basis of their reviews, price, quality and function. We also listed the pros and cons, so you can see both sides of the coin and make a smart decision.

Russian Tank

This is one of the greatest 1/16 rc tank you can buy.It is nearly professional-grade, and for the price at a little over a hundred dollars, you are getting a very high-quality RC vehicle that offers superior performance. Have a look at the price here.


  • Startup sound from the motor
  • Ready to roll right out of the box
  • Can climb up to 35 degrees incline


  • Requires 8 AA batteries to run the tank
  • 6 AA batteries needed for the remote controller
  • Turns are not very smooth.

Abrams USA RC Battle Tank

If you seek to get into the world of rc tanks for sale, this is a fine way to go about it. Costs only about $70, is very well assembled, and has realistic sounds of a cannon and engine. This is a fun way to get around-in our video we found, it even goes over rocks! Please visit Amazon to see the price.


  • Great if you love USA history- a replica of M1A2 Abrams USA Main Battle Tank
  • Firing range of 9 feet
  • Good-grip caterpillar tread


  • Can’t change frequency on the tanks-all will operate at the same frequency.
  • Some users got a tank that had a defective tread.
  • Controller is a bit small and hard to hold for those with large hands.

German Tiger I Battle Tank

Wow, this is probably the coolest rc tiger tank ever! It shoots BBs, and at only about $50, it is a nice way to get into the hobby without spending a whole lot of money. You can get this one if you are not sure about the hobby. It’s ready to roll out of the box, so jump in and have some fun. Please have a look at the price here.


  • Cannon is durable and made of metal
  • Firing sounds are realistic and exciting
  • You can load up to 20 bullets and fire them-6 mm BBS to be exact


  • Currently, product is unavailable for purchase, we hope it comes back!
  • Some users reported the muzzle jamming while shooting.
  • Track may not function on carpet

Rover Spy Tank

Here is a tank that is unlike any other. This does not have that military look about it like the other ones we’ve been examining does. It’s got a remote-control camera. If you play Rainbow Six Siege, you know about the RC camera there-this will make you feel like you are in on the action! You control it from your phone with the free app you can install. Visit Amazon to see the price.


  • Has a camera and built in headlights.
  • Can be used in the daytime or night.
  • You can livestream video from the app.


  • You must reconnect to WIFI every time you bring this thing out.
  • Driving the tank is rather difficult-you will spend a lot of your time maneuvering around and trying to correct when you oversteer.
  • Camera is nice, but a little laggy at times-reminds me of the old webcam days.

Full Metal German Tiger Tank

If metal everything is important to you, this is what you really need. You get metal headlights, metal wheels, metal caterpillar treads, metal hatches, tow hoods, suspension…you name it, it’s metal! Have a look at the price here.


  • Rechargeable batteries!
  • Realistic smoke effects.
  • A speaker is also included in the tank


  • One user reported the detail was not as great as it could be-if you are going for realism, consider this.
  • Manual is translated from English, so it can be a little hard to understand.
  • BB gun is rather weak compared to other RC tanks.

RC Sherman Tank

Okay, those of you that demand a bit of a flashy tank and feel the need to show off your stuff, this is it! Granted, at over $200 plus shipping you will need to save your dollars for a bit to buy it. But it is going to be totally worth it when you see the realistic smoke, shoot BBs, and enjoy the realistic engine sounds. Visit here to have a look at the price.


  • Multiplayer is allowed between multiple tanks of this variety.
  • Frequency-free-players can operate on any frequency they desire.
  • 35 degree climbing gradient


  • Requires 8 AA batteries for the controller
  • Some models of these tanks are all plastic, be sure that you buy the metal version.
  • Instruction manual is translated and a bit hard to follow, say some users.

German Battle Tank

This tank is super affordable and does so many amazing things. Check out how far it fires! It is factory assembled and ready to roll fresh out of the box.  It can move up and down and sideways for maximum maneuverability. Have a look at the price here.


  • Firing range is 75 feet!
  • Play time is up to 1 hour.
  • 35 degree climbing gradient


  • Tracks come off of the tank occasionally while using
  • Remote control could stand to be a bit more responsive.
  • Some users wished the tank had some lights on it for night operation.


Getting into RC tanks is a great hobby that is well worth your time. Use our handy guide to decide on your favorite. Then call up your friends and let the battle commence.