Get Ready for Fun! Top 7 Best RC Battle Ships

Ready to recreate the amazing battles you used to read about in history class? Want to start a friendly rivalry among your pals who are also into RC ships? Then you have to get in on the ground floor with these amazing RC warships. Young and old alike will find great joy in battling it out in the waters of your local lake, beach or swimming pool. Let’s get ready to set sail and discover the fun.

RC ships
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So, What’s the Hype?

The reason people love RC military boats and other RC watercrafts of the same sort is because it sets their imagination ablaze. You can act out military battles you have heard of in the past or invent your own changes to history. You can have a small inkling of what it was like to control one of these amazing machines in the comfort of your own hometown. And you can really impress your friends if they have never heard of this great hobby!

Whoa, How Does It Work?

RC Navy Ships and other crafts like it simply work by using radio signals from a handheld device. You hold the remote control in your hand and provided you are close enough to the device, you will control it. The models we will examine today feature easy to use handheld controllers that will have you sailing like a pro.

Where to Start?!

We chose the top 7 rc ships for sale so you can get a head start and choose which RC battleships will grace your collection. Get ready to get sailing!

HT3826 Battleship

Our first pick is super affordable and looks fantastic. It has great reviews and will not break the bank if you want an RC ship that looks great and performs well! Have a look at the price here.


  • Operational distance of 120 feet
  • Price tag is affordable for many budgets
  • Great in size-not too big, not too small.
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  • You can only get about 15-20 minutes out of this in terms of operation time
  • Remote control feels flimsy in hands.
  • Small parts may present hazard for young children

Playmobil Pirates Ship

Perfect for the young kiddos in your life, Playmobil has always been known as a toy that caters to the very young and knows about the wear and tear the youngsters can place upon a toy. Please visit here to see the price.


  • Comes with a ton of fun accessories for endless play time.
  • Spears from ship are shot 4-6 feet in the air!
  • Super durable for tough play.


  • Remote control is not waterproof
  • May present choking hazard for younger kids.
  • Only good for use in swimming pool so you don’t lose parts.

HT Warship Challenger

Looking professional at a pretty competitive cost, this warship features realistic detailing and a safety switch that allows it to function only when it is in water. Click here to see the price on Amazon.


  • Realistic
  • Has superb range of operation
  • Handy display stand to show it off!


  • Batteries wear out fast.
  • Do not put into salt water-the parts will rust.
  • Boat will sometimes turn instead of going straight due to engine difference.

RC RMS Titanic

Looking realistic and so accurate in all of its fine details, this RC ship is not like the others-it is great for history and RC Warships buffs alike. The LEDs are stunning, and the craft is big! Please click here to see the price.


  • Triple prop system with metal shafts
  • Attention to detail is stunning.
  • Fully charged battery lasts about 1 hour.
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  • Some parts may break in transit-super glue!
  • Really big-you need to make sure you have a pool or lake.
  • You may need sealant to keep it watertight.

RC Navy Battleship

Coming in at under $50, this is a really stellar little rc battleship! It has a great 60 feet transmitter range and dual props for power and fun on the water. Please check out the price here.


  • Smaller, light and fast
  • Battery is rechargeable.
  • Great price and easy to afford.


  • You will need to seal the seams with silicone.
  • Some users report parts breaking off while using.
  • Goes 5-10 MPH which some may find too slow

German RC Bismarck

This ship is really nice and big, coming in at 28 inches in length. The paint job is really great and has a surprising amount of detail included. The price is also right!


  • Ready to race right out of the box!
  • Looks like a replica of the full-scale ship!
  • 120 feet range and great for beginners!


  • Plastic seems a bit flimsy in construction
  • Use only in calm waters-this tipped over in waters with a bit of wave.
  • Leaks, be sure to seal when you get it.

Smasher Destroyer Warship

What a great, detailed and cost-effective ship. It comes with a cool helicopter on the deck, which does not function, but looks so good. Coming in at 31 inches long, this amazing ship leaves no stone unturned in terms of its great detail-just check out those cannons! Please visit hereto see the price.


  • Water switch means that it will not work until you put it in water.
  • Works great in ponds, lakes and rivers
  • Goes super-fast!
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  • Not recommended for saltwater use as salt may damage parts.
  • Large body of water is needed to fully enjoy this ship.
  • Instructions had some error that made them confusing.


Whatever it is you seek in an RC warship, these crafts have it. You are going to be amazed at how amazingly these ships handle. If you've never used one of these wonderful crafts before, get ready to enter a fun and educational world like no other of rc ships!

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