Long-Range RC Transmitter and Receiver: XLRS D3

If there's one thing all drone users should consider investing in, it's a long-range RC transmitter and receiver. With a quality transmitter, you'll be able to properly control your devices from long distances of up to 200 kilometers! This is especially beneficial for all expert drone users who require something that controls smoothly despite the far destinations.

long-range rc transmitter and receiver
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And if you're looking for an excellent radio control that acts as a long-range RC receiver, you'll love the XLRS D3. It holds some of the most valuable features that all advanced drone enthusiasts will love. However, what makes it so special and why is it worth the investment?

Read on as I show you all about this long distance radio control to help you decide if it's worth buying.

About the XLRS D3 Long-Range RC Transmitter and Receiver

The XLRS D3 is a long-range RC receiver many professionals use today for various reasons. Not only is it because of its elegant design, but because of its versatility that advanced drone enthusiast can use in most applications. It's great for FPV and UAV if you want strong radio links that stay safe as you control it.

Besides this, it also has the excellent RC transmitter range of up to 200 kilometers! It was designed and manufactured in Spain, built by pilots so you're assured that they combine all necessary features based on their professional experience.

This XLRS D3 has two modules:

•Ground Module (Transmitter), which is the XPAD3V2

•Air Module (Receiver), which is the RXLRS

The XLRS D3 Features

Here are the different features the XLRS D3 long range radio control system has to offer:

• The very long range between 50 to 200 kilometers

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•Amazing durability and strength with the ability to work every day with intense use

•Utilizes free ISM bands for better versatility, can be used anywhere

• Has the exclusive design with a professional look, as well as the solid construction with a great personality

•Different price options to help suit your budget and needs

•Functional and can connect through many means, whether it's USB, Bluetooth, WiFi, SPPM, RCBus, Telemetry, or RC

•Has AES128 Encryption to utilize radio data

• Has no limit in memory, doesn't require it for any RC models

XPAD3V2 RC and Telemetry Radio Controller

radio control
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These are the things you should know about the XPAD3V2 RC and Telemetry Radio Controller long range RC radio system:

It comes with three displays that continue to inform the pilot of all the important details. There are TWO OLED screens and one LCD central screen for all the information.

It also comes with various useful buttons, micro joysticks, and encoders, such as:

•On and off button

•14 functional button selections

•Two switches for two positions

•Two switches for three positions

•Two lateral sliders

• Three encoders which have push buttons and two configurable

•Two micro joysticks that have four positions

All these buttons come with over 60 unique features and options to fly the way YOU want. It also comes with the stronger build, utilizing aluminum epoxy that's scratch-resistant and easier to maintain. The battery life can also last for up to ten hours of intense use, thanks to its strong battery pack included.

Special Functions of XLRS Long-Range RC Transmitter and Receiver

Check out the unique functions only the XLRS D3 has to offer:

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•It has micro joysticks SL and SR, which adds eight more buttons to your transmitter without having to add even more physical buttons anymore. The transmitter now takes on a simpler and more minimalist design in its buttons.

• There are now encoders so you can add eight different values to each of the VL or VR encoders. That way, you can control different autopilot flight modes, control various functions simultaneously, and have all the freedom you want in terms of controlling your flight or other devices. From switching and mixing up its functions, it's way better than the typical buttons from the D3's predecessors.

The RXLRS Radio Control Receiver

The RXLRS, just like the XPAD3V2, offers a host of features such as:

•Longer range receiver with a distance of even more than 200 kilometers depending on installation and antennas used

•Has the Mavlink Telemetry and radio modem that performs between 38.4 to 100 kb.

• Can control up to 16 servos at once for better versatility and functionality

•This is optional, but it comes with AES encryption in RF

This makes it just as useful as the XPAD3V2, and you have both systems in one transmitter for your versatility and ease of use.

DMDStudio and Video System

long range rc receiver
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Besides this, you're also probably wondering about the different software it uses. Like most XLRS devices, it utilizes the DMDStudio, which is the software for both configuration and utilities across all the XLRS systems available. But take note the is used in Windows only!

This is the similar software used in all other XLRS devices so if you have more than one XLRS device, it's easier to understand and you won't have to reinstall a new one to hassle yourself. Plus, it's just as easy to configure your device to the software yourself.

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Wrapping It Up

I hope my article on the XLRS D3 Long-Range RC Transmitter and Receiver helped you out! So don't wait any longer and learn more about how to get a unit now.

If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences on this long distance radio control, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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