What Is The Best Tablet For Your Drone?

best tablet for drone
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Drones have a number of amazing features these days. They can follow you around or track others. Preset routes and stunts may be defined. Donning VR goggles, you can drop yourself into an immersive view of flight as if you were inside piloting the drone yourself. Your drone can likely do these things and more butt one integral component is going to be selecting the right kind of tablet and linking it to a wifi connection. Without this, you cannot share data to social media and some of your drone functionality may be inaccessible. So, what is the best tablet for your drone?

So what tablets are best for drones?

This is going to depend on a number of factors. Generally you are going to want to go with a phone that has great video and enough memory to manage a stunning first person view so that you can feel like you are flying. How to choose, though? We've drafted up a list of some of the best tablets and phones for usage with your drone that we will get to very shortly.

So why not just get a cheap tablet?

You COULD just get a cheap tablet for that expensive drone, but odds are that it might end up going straight into a tree. If you have never played with cheaper tabs we recommend going to your local retailer and trying one of the display models. Cheap tablets are sluggish in responding and while some might seem okay with short video bursts, try watching a video that goes for 5 to 10 minutes and see what happens when the processor gets bogged. You do NOT want to control your beloved drone with lesser machinery. That said, without further ado let's take a look at our tablet recommendations for piloting your drone!

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Google Nexus 9 tablet brightest tablet for drone

Google has been storming the markets with various offerings and frankly, they rock! The Nexus is no exception, with an 8.9 inch screen that is big enough to matter yet small enough to carry. It has a 2.3 ghz processor, 2 gigabytes of DDR3 ram, and a resolution of 1536 x 2048 pixels to deliver a video experience that you will be sure to enjoy.

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Apple IPad mini 4

best monitor for dronesA little smaller than the Nexus, the Apple offering in this batch offers a 7.9 inch screen. Now, that said, we all know how Apple is with quality. This model sports up to 10 hours of battery life and even a fingerprint reader. This unit boasts 1080p, crisp video that will certainly do your drone flights justice, all in a unit built with Apples standard quality and durability. With Apple's proclivity for stunning graphics this may be the brightest tablet for your drone. As a bonus, these folks honor their warranties, as well, which is a huge consideration when making a tablet or phone purchase.

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" Which also might make this the best way to monitor your drones!"

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 drone tablet android

With an octocore processor array (one quadcore 1.8 ghz plus 1 1.4 ghs quad in the mix) you have one seriously responsive tab. Exactly what you need when navigating a precision piece of flying hardware. With it's 8 inch screen, this is large while still remaining portable. This model has 32 gigs of flash and has adaptive display technology for the crisp AMOLED screen, so that you can view your drone's visuals in low light situations or in the sunshine at the park (and which also might make this the best way to monitor your drones!). Samsung is known for their quality offerings and the Galaxy Tab certainly meets the bill with it's rugged construction and striking good looks. This is definitely a tab to consider for your droning adventures.

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Nvidia Shield K1

cheap tablet for droneNvidia's 8 inch offering to this mix is not to be sneezed at. Powered by their proprietary K1 Tegtra processer and a 2.4 ghz quadcore, this drone tablet entry runs android, and this is a tablet normally designed for gaming. Gaming or flying, it does not disappoint. This unit boasts a 1080p display and innovative front-facing speakers to ensure that your audio doesn't get muffled. While the audio is not so important for the drone (yet...), it does mean that you have a fine gaming experience awaiting you while you recharge your drone batteries. You could do a lot worse than the Nvidia as a choice for your drone tablet, that is for SURE.

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Asus Zenpad S8 drone screen

Our last entry is certainly no slouch when it comes to quality. With an 8 inch screen, the Zenpad delivers a crisp 2048 by 1546 resolution with proprietary Asus video technology. With 2 gigabytes of ram, this unit incorporates bluelight technology to make hours of viewing easier on those eyes. It also has Asus-specific technology to allow you to instantly adjust brightness, sharpness, and more when you are customizing your video experience. The battery life is about 8 hours with this model and while we would like it to be a little higher, this is still ample time for spending some quality hours with your drone.

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In summary

Whether you are looking for the brightest tablet for your Phantom 4 or just looking to create a 'drone screen' view to customize commands for your Parrot flyers, these these tablets are sure to deliver exactly what you need. While it may be tempting just to use your phone, the purchase of a tablet can enhance your experience greatly. Think of it as watching television at home. Do you prefer that flat widescreen that you have or a tiny television like you had in college? By selecting a high-end tablet you are also unlocking the best options as well. For instance, the 'follow-me' option often requires a GPS linked tablet and you simply cannot use the function when controlling directly with the included control pad. You invested in the best drone, why not monitor it with the best tablet? Happy flying, folks!

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