What Is The Most Expensive Drone On Amazon?

most expensive drone
most expensive drone
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So, you find yourself drone shopping and you are thinking, ‘the good ones really don’t come cheap!’. In that, you’d be right. Drones have been in use for the military for a long time but not as much in the civilian markets, so if you want the batman-style features you might have to spend a pretty penny. So what is the most expensive drone/pocket copter on Amazon? What is the most expensive drone in the world, even? We’re here to answer those questions for you and give you a look into the wild (and pricey) side of drone technology.

The most expensive drone in the world

Well, with technology jumping in leaps and bounds every day, that’s a hard question to answer. Thus far when it comes to expensive drones the winner is probably going to be the Ehang 184. Created by a Chinese startup, it’s a drone heavy-duty enough for you to ride around in. The interior has air conditioning, touch-controls, and even the chairs have the techy-look nailed to total the experience of piloting an experimental drone. Don’t expect a huge flight time, however. While it charges up for you in 2 hours it will only get about 23 minutes of flight-time at this point. Give it time, though, a few more jumps in battery technology and before you know it, everyone is gonna have one! For now, this one will set you back a cool $300,000, so even if you have been saving you may want to at least wait for Christmas for a serious purchase like this.

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The most expensive drone on Amazon

What about Amazon? A very popular market for obtaining books, drones, and more, there is certainly a large number of personal drones that one can obtain and enjoy. So what is the most expensive? We’ve broken them down into a list of 3 with various bells and whistles to show off. We’ll let you know their price, what they can do, and give you a little glimpse into higher-end expensive drones available on the marketing giant called Amazon.

Bigly Brother Gas-Electric Hybrid Farming droneexpensive drones

What, you were expecting something that you can fight crime with? Drones have a lot of practical applications. Amazon itself is testing package delivery options via drone but they are good for many, many other things. The Bigly Brother is a drone that you can use for spraying, defining specific routes for its daily trips so that your produce can get the water, vitamins, or safe-pesticides needed sprayed in place like clockwork. The remote has a screen so that you can see real-time video as the drone does it’s chores and it has a flight time of about 30 minutes. This doesn’t seem like much but when it is hauling up to a 15 kg payload then it is certainly understandable. Just map an efficient route and you are golden. This farming drone will set you back about $50,000, though, so you may want to review your spraying budget for the year to decide if you want to go high-tech (or at least research insurance options!).

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” It can also track an object momentarily obscured from view.”

DJI Inspire 2 drone

most expensive drone in the worldDJI did a very nice thing for filmmaking with their Inspire 1. That model provided 4k filming for its owners, offering amazing angled shots that simply weren’t available to the general public. They’ve done it again with the Inspire 2 and you can get it on Amazon! It provides a whopping 5.2k for photos and video in CinemaDNG Raw and more. It’s fast, moving at 67 miles per hour, and it’s autonomous piloting means that you can set courses for amazing video shots and your investment has a layer of protection with built-in collision avoidance. If you love cinematography and want to take things to the next level then you will love this drone. This one will run you around $2300. Not cheap, but certainly easier to obtain than the Bigly!

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DJI Mavic 2 Zoomamazon inspire 2

The Mavic Zoom doesn’t hold a candle camera-wise to the Inspire 2, but it does have a nice camera. Capable of taking 1080p/48 megapixel shots, this drone also has a 4x zoom you can initiate on command. It also includes panorama modes for breathtaking shots and video so unless you are filming a movie you won’t feel like you are missing out. Speedwise, this drone at about 44 miles per hour and can track an object moving at up to 72 miles per hour. Trajectory projection means it can also track an object momentarily obscured from view, so once you lock it on target that target is going to be followed. You’ll feel like James Bond! The flight time limit is only 31 minutes, unfortunately, but while this doesn’t seem like a lot it is actually pretty good for most drones available on the market today. This drone may be purchased for around $1600 and comes with a car battery charger, 2 batteries, a shoulder bag to tote your drone in, and more! Not a bad deal although if you are worried about your savings keep in mind that financing options are generally available on all of these drones if you look around a little.

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The final word  

So, we have explored the world of high end drones but this is just a taste, of course. There are drones developed for the police, drones that specialize in tracking, and more. If you want the cinematography but the Inspire is a little high, you can look on Amazon for the DJI Phantom 4 pro, for instance. It offers a 4k camera at close to half of the price of the Inspire 2.

pocket copter amazon

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Whatever your intentions for the drone we would recommend insurance if you intend to spend the extra cash for getting a high end model. Many insurers will let you get property insurance on your drone and while this seems a hassle, it should be considered as a way to protect your investment. After that, you can fly in confidence! Until next time, Happy droning!