Long Range Telemetry UAV: What You Need to Learn

long range telemetry uav

When you’re learning how to use your transmitter radio control for drones, there are many things to learn about. For starters, there’s the long range telemetry UAV, as well as configuring your device to work well with the control. But the question is: How can you let your drone work with your chosen long range telemetry system?

long range telemetry uav
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I know how confusing it can all get, especially if you’re a beginner who has no idea on these things (yet)! That’s why I made this short and helpful guide to help you out, so read on! I’ll talk about the long range FPV and drone radio control to give you an idea on proper configuration.

Long Range Telemetry UAV In XLRS Systems

If you’re wondering what AES128 means, it actually stands for Advanced Encryption Standard. This is used during cryptography, and though it seems complicated, it’s actually pretty simple once you get the hang of it.

So when you enable the AES128 encryption, the radio system would use it, utilizing all the data packets no matter the type.

Furthermore, all the information and data from both your radio control and radio modem, or the Mavlink Telemetry (if used) will be encrypted using an algorithm.

This is extremely helpful in more responsiveness and versatility with your telemetry and radio control usage. You get the AES128 encryption as a license and purchase it separately from your radio control and transmitter.

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Afterwards, activate your license on any XLRS device you use. Take note that this encryption supports either 16 OR 128-bit keys!

long range telemetry system
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However, how exactly do you operate it and how can you do so successfully? I’ll be getting into all that in the next section so continue reading!

Proper Operation and Activation Of XLRS D2

Before I get into how to exactly configure the key for AES128 encryption activation AND how to activate your XLRS license, here are some points to take note of:

•You will need at least two XLRS devices (which is TX and RX) with its AES128 licenses activated.

•You can activate any XLRS products with the AES128 encryption which utilize the XLRS radio.

•The analog video systems do NOT have any encryption

•You NEED to purchase an AES128 license and activate it on your device in order to utilize the encryption

•If you use the encryption in radio network systems, all the XLRS devices intervened within the network need to have the same key with an activated license.

• Only you (or the main operator)should have access to the keys, as they are the ones who enter it. The pilot will NOT have any access to the encryption keys, only to his own password if the operator activates on the XLRS unit. If ever there aren’t any passwords activated, anyone has access to the device configuration, seeing the key.

Now that you’re familiar with the important notes before encryption, follow these next steps for successful activation and configuration:

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Activating Your XLRS License

When you’ve already purchased your license and sent the MAC number of the device you choose to expand, DMD will the email you the exact license code for the said device.

Take note that the code will NOT be valid on other devices that have a different MAC. Each license will have a special name you’ll add to your console.

To load your license, just follow these instructions:

1.Connect your device with DMDStudio, the software for all XLRS products

2.Access your console and insert the license code under DMDStudio/ CONS

3.Click on the pause button, which will then change to play. This allows you to see all the device communications of your device from DMDStudio’s interface.

4. The license and code will always be in upper case on your console. So type down the unique license name and the code. Press ENTER afterward.

5.The software will then ask you to verify by putting up a window for you to press OK. You also have another option to verify that you put in the correct license. Just access the DMDStudio/RXD17 OR the XPAD/LIC. If it looks red, then press LIC and double check that you typed it correctly.

6.Once loaded and verified, access your DMDSTUDIO/RM, chaining the power of your device. Modify it to 65, press enter, and it will then adjust to the allowed maximum power according to your range license.

Configure Your Key to Activate AES128 Encryption

Now the next step is to activate your AES128 encryption to take advantage of what it has to offer. Head on to the AES Encryption Screen, which you can easily find from the DMDStudio software. Make sure that you’ve already activated your AES128 license before you can configure it!

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To activate your AES128 encryption, add the key in your device. Once activated, you can now carry out and view communications from your radio control and data link with your AS128 encryption.

To carry out such communication though, make sure that you place a similar key in devices you want to communicate with. If ever you have different keys on the software compared to the XLRS devices, you have NO link.

If you put in a password to the device, you won’t be able to view the AES key on the key code text box until after you type in your password. But if not, then you’ll always be able to see the AES key.

Wrapping It Up

When owning a long range drone and the right radio control and transmitter for it, you need to ensure you know how to configure and activate its systems. This ensures that the drone has the long range data link with your chosen system, allowing it to perform the way you control it on the ground.

I hope my article on the long range telemetry UAV activation helped you out! So don’t wait any longer and follow these tips for proper activation and operation now.

If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences with XLRS systems, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.