Having Fun With The Sharper Image Camera Drone!

If you’re on the lookout for a cool image camera drone, consider one from the Sharper Image. They are known worldwide for having innovative and exciting gadgets that make our lives that much more fun. But how do they do when it comes to drones? Are their products any good? We will take a look at the good and the bad and decide so you can make a smart decision as you shop. Check out our sharper image camera drone review and more for some good info.

sharper image camera drone
HolgersFotografie / Pixabay

What’s the Big Deal?

When you buy a Sharper Image drone, you can buy anything you want, really! They include camera drones, micro drones, quadcopters, video drones, and mini drones. There are over 20 to choose from in the Sharper Image’s lineup. Because there are so many to pick from, we looked at the most popular ones. Stay with us for the best sharper image drone review.

Sharper Image Airplane Nano Hobby Drone

Here is a fun, lightweight little sharper image drone that is just right for kids and beginner adults. It weighs only 10.4 ounces, so if it crashes, you don’t need to worry about losing a TON of money. Some say it is a great drone for the price, but rather hard to control.

If you have kids, make sure to take some extra time to work with them on the drone so they do not lose interest in it (being difficult to control can be frustrating for a child). However, the time you spend learning to control this drone will help you as you advance to larger drones. Please visit Amazon for the price.

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  • Price is really good for this little toy.
  • Great for starters or those who don’t know if they really like drones.
  • Good quality, as typical of Sharper Image products.


  • If the drone goes out of altitude range, it will crash with no warning
  • Battery life is around 7 minutes.
  • Can be hard to control. 

Sharper Image Drone DX-4 HD Video Streaming Drone

This sharper image dx 4 review will tell you all you need to know. You will really like this drone-it does a heck of a lot for a great price. The Sharper Image Streaming Drone DX-4 has auto takeoff and landing. Its range is 450 feet (137 meters) and ascends and descends fast. It is lightweight enough to practice your barrel roll. Visit here to see the price.


  • Camera on this drone takes pretty clear pictures provided you have strong WIFI signal.
  • Drone is pretty lightweight.
  • You can practice flying indoors.


  • Drone can fly away in the wind if you are not careful.
  • Some report losing control at 20 ft with the drone.
  • Camera does not tilt.

Sharper Image Pocket Video Drone

With an age rating for 10 and up, our sharper image camera drone review aims to show you what you need to know when shopping for yourself or your kid.You can fly at 3 speeds, do flips, and fold it up and carry it in your pocket for hobby fun wherever you go.This drone also features one key takeoff and landing, as well as an emergency stop for those moments where things start to really go wrong.

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You can fly up to 30 meters or 98 feet and still take great photos and even do flips with it! This is a great drone to practice your flips and barrel rolls because it is so lightweight. It really does a lot for a small sharper image streaming drone. Have a look at the price here.


  • Video quality is at 720p-not bad for a small camera like this
  • Can fly up to 30 meters or 98 feet
  • Includes a travel pouch, USB charge cord, and extra blades


  • Charge time is 75 minutes
  • It is lightweight, so cannot stand up to wind very well.
  • Can be rather tricky to learn, according to some users.

Sharper Image Pro Video Drone

This Sharper Image camera drone review is going to knock your socks off. Why? Because this drone is something to really smile about. It has a state of the art video system right onboard that is easy to learn for flyers of all levels. You will love the 1080P camera, and the full HD video and photos the quadcopter can shoot. Video format is in 30 FPS.

The camera features a 170-degree wide-angle lens, and you can watch videos live using the FPV transmitter and receive the video transmission up to one half mile away.You will love the built in GPS system and a button that helps it return to home immediately. It can fly up to 45 MPH-and flies for up to 30 minutes. This sharper image drone really kicks some butt! Please have a look at the price here.

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  • High flight time for a drone-30 minutes is no short duration.
  • Sharper Image drones can be bought all over the US in shops like Walgreens, Amazon and Walmart.
  • Plenty of great video reviews on YouTube of happy drone pilots enjoying their flights.


  • No VR headset included as there are with some drones.
  • Reviews could not determine how this drone stood up to wind.
  • No reviews about how this drone handled crashes-although it is likely they do not happen thanks to the drone’s ability to go it starting point if the signal is weak.


Thanks to the wonderful selections of the Sharper Image drones and their great quality, each and every one of us can get into drone flying if we choose. Sharper Image makes a great drone for pilots of all skill levels. Those of you who are starting would do well with the small quadcopter, whereas the most advanced pilots will fare well with the video drone.

No matter how you look at it, getting yourself a Sharper Image drone is a fine way to get outdoors and enjoy this wonderful hobby for yourself. Just remember to fly safe and respect others’ property and aircraft.