German RC Tiger Tank Review: All You Need To Know!

As one of the most well-known RC tanks, this RC tiger tank review will tell you all about it’s history and any relevant RC models!

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History of Tiger Tanks

Tiger I Tank

The Nazi Germans in 1941 began an attack on the soviet-union during world world 2, facing the T-34 and Kv01 soviet tanks which proved resistant to the tanks and guns used by the Nazis. This made the Germans realize that they needed a much heavier tank and led to the development of the design of Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. E also known as Tiger I, which later had a nickname “Tiger” given to it by Ferdinand Porsche.

The production continued for a while in August 1942 by producing 1347 tanks during the two years of its production, whilst it was one of the deadliest vehicles in war with a high kill/loss ratio.

Tiger II- King Tiger

The production of Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. B or Tiger II commenced in August 1944, and it replaced the Tiger I production line. Tiger II had many improvements, weighing around 70 tonnes with thicker armour alongside two versions of turret: the Henschel turret and Porsche turret.

The tank begun its usage during the first fight of the 1st Heavy Panzer company, the 503rd battalion. The Tiger 2 was also very effective in battles as new records were set as regards kill/loss ratio.

King Tiger was never put to use on full scale due to the fact that allied forces were progressing on several axis. Only about 492 units were manufactured due to the fact that the Henschel production plants were raided.

RC Tiger Tank

The Tiger tank had a revolutionary design and due to its legendary status, it has endeared itself to the heart of RC tank collectors, with a good number of them wanting to have one in their possession. Manufacturers being aware of this increase in demand produced upgrades, parts and variants in dozens. So, when it comes down to selecting the best-selling tanks for most shops and brands, then static tiger models, RC tiger tank kits and RC ready to run tiger models, are great options.

Variants of RC Tiger Tank

RC Tiger I

  • Early production period (Tiger I)
  • Mid production period (Tiger II)
  • Late production period (Tiger III)

RC Tiger II also known as RC King Tiger

  • Production turret (Henschel Turret)
  • Porsche Variant
  • Ardennes Variant

RC Tiger Camouflage

The number of various camouflage patterns which have been utilized in the tank service are many.

Doing the paint job yourself will require you to select one, and you will need explore camouflage options indepth!


1/16 German Tiger I Rc Battle Tank: Infrared enabled

This scale model has been regarded as being very impressive, especially for hobbyists. It is a full scale tank which has infrared facilities which has a radio system of 2.4GHz. This tank has a simulative motor stand up which the tank makes when it kick-starts. It also has a barrel which moves in the vertical course with a 30-degree maximum barrel elevation. The turret rotates 320 degrees with action and music effects which enhances its superb performance.

With the aid of the RC control, you can move in either the sideways, front or back directions. Spin moves on the left and right can also be performed. The tank works well with AA batteries and has an illuminated machine gun which can fire a distance of about 20cm. After firing, the cannon recoils which gives a natural effect.

The German Tiger I has a flexible volume control and also a variable speed control, it also has a working suspension and turret move, with the cannon moving easily up and down. There are also flashes and firing sounds which are produced by the machine gun.

Conclusively, the German Tiger I is an RC tank which provides fun during its usage, with some great features.

1/16 King Tiger RC Henschel Battle Tank

This model is a 1/16 imitation of the original German King Tiger battle tank. It has sound and smoke effects. In addition to this, it also features gears and metal tanks which can be upgraded. This model has a complete RC functionality which can rotate, accelerate, move forward and backward.

The King Tiger also has a barrel which can be lifted to about 30 degrees, the turret is also moveable and can be rotated to about 320 degrees for a perfect aim. It has a 2.4GHz radio system which has the latest 2.4GHz spectrum technology. There are also inherent functions such as automatic identification, firm anti-jamming amongst others. This technology can allow around twenty (20) tanks to operate all at once, so the probability of interference is greatly reduced.

The King Tiger also has a long gun barrel which is radio controlled, enabling the user to make different movements. To ensure a more natural effect, it recoils once it is done firing, alongside with the start-up sounds made by the simulative motor, and the firing action sounds.

German Tiger I Battle Tank Radio Rc 1/24

This model is the 1/24 replica of the Heavy Panzer. It is completely assembled and it is a painted RC model which has naturalistic battle tank procedures with a lot of features. It has a long-lasting full metal cannon which can shoot 6mm BB pellets. The hatch has the ability to load around 20 bullets at a go.

The tank also has a simulative cannon sounds and also a recoil action which occur when the cannon fires, with simulative engine sounds and firing sounds. The tank is coordinated by the radio controller, which makes it move both forward and backwards. It can also handle outside road surfaces with a climbing gradient of around 30 degrees. The tank is good looking and comes at an affordable price.