What Exactly Is Parrot Freeflight Mini?

freeflight miniHave you ever owned a Parrot drone? If not, it is worth considering for the fun factor. Racing, flying(or with the Spider model, rolling), Parrot has a diverse line that will keep you entertained and won't break the bank. So what is Parrot Freeflight mini? It's an application that lets you control your Parrot mini drones from the comfort of your smartphone. We'll discuss this and some of the drones that you can control in this article. Are you ready? Let's go!

The Parrot Freeflight mini application

Parrot Freeflight mini is an application that can definitely keep you entertained. Paired with a Parrot mini drone, you can not only control that drone but you can also do some custom coding with the application to better train your drone. So what exactly does it do? We're glad that you asked!

Parrot Freeflight features

The Parrot Freeflight mini app has a lot of functions that add to the fun factor of your mini drone. The Free flight mini app has the following functions:

  • Virtual joysticks - This makes piloting intuitive and a breeze. If you don't like using the joysticks, you can always adopt the next feature.
  • Tilt control - Control your drone by tilting your phone in various directions. This little feature is a lot of fun and definitely something that you should try.
  • Auto detection - The app will automatically detect the presence of your Parrot mini drone, allowing for easy connection and control.
  • Parrot Cockpit glasses 2 - While parrot will automatically detect your camera and give you a First person view, an optional component takes it a step further. With the Parrot Cockpit glasses 2 you can race around your backyard or in the house and get the sensation that you are inside the drone. This is a feature you will definitely want to experience for yourself.
  • Three pilot modes for your drone - Your Parrot Free flight mini app has 3 modes that you can utilize in piloting your drone. These consist of: Easy (auto stabilization of your drone), Drift(Sharper turns enabled due to lack of horizontal stabilization), and finally, Racing mode, which is a free-for-all mode where you are in total control.
  • . Customizable controls - Setup your control pad exactly how you like it. This gives you easy access to flips, sharp turns, and more. Especially if you employ the next feature.
  • Custom coding - Supporting JavaScript, Python, Tynker, and Blockly, the Parrot app supports custom coding that you can do on supported tablets and Chrome books. This means that you can make complicated instructions for various tricks at the touch of the button, such as "do a flip, fly sideways, freefall, start motors back up, then rush forward". The limit of instruction is only that of your imagination and you can really have a lot of fun with this function.
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So, I can use Freeflight it with any mini drone?

Currently the app is supported for the following drones:

  • Rolling Spider
  • Parrot Swing
  • Parrot Minidrones Airborne(Night and Cargo)
  • Parrot Mambo
  • Hydrofoil

Parrot Mini drones: supported examples

Here are just a few of the drones that you can control with your Parrot Freeflight application.

Rolling Spider freeflight mini application

Whether flying or rolling around, this drone is fun both in and outdoors and has it's own unique style. Topping out its flight speed at 11 miles per hour it's a fun little drone for all ages. As a bonus, it's quite difficult to break, especially if you have the wheels on it!

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            " This mini quadcopter packs a lot of fun into a little package."

parrot free flight miniParrot Mambo

This mini quadcopter packs a lot of fun into a little package. Thanks to the built-in autopilot you can get it to do a number of things, such as having the tiny drone launch from the palm of your hand to take your picture. It has a 'cut out' setting that you can enable to help minimize collisions by shutting off the motors in case of impact and this little drone can even follow you around wherever you go. This drone also integrates Parrot's 'smartblock' system which allows you to accessorize your drone with various upgrades such as a cannon, a grabber, or an FPV camera. It's a lot of fun at very little cost.

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Parrot Airborne Mini Night: Maclane Blue free flight mini app

This little drone is fun as well. Equipped with LED lights for flights into dark territory, this drone also has exclusive features such as the ability to start your drones motors up in the middle of a free fall. Topping out at 11.8 miles per hour, this is a fun little drone for night adventures. Oh, did we mention? This one comes already equipped with a camera!

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Parrot Airborne Mini Night: Swat

freeflight mini droneAnother member of the night series, this little drone has headlights as well with a number of modes you can use them in (Flash, blink, light wave, and more!). If you prefer a more stealthy design, this little drone might be the one for you. You might also get yourself two or more from this list and race your friends!

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So, where can I download the Freeflight Mini app?

The app is easy to obtain, simply login to google play on your supported Smartphone and do a search for "parrot freeflight mini". Once you have the app, simply install it and if your Mini drone is powered on then Freeflight is going to find it, let you connect to it, and then it is time to play!

Some final words

Well, now you know what the Parrot Freeflight mini app is and what it does. So what mini drone is going to fit your personality? We've included links in this article to get you started but we heartily recommend looking around within the supported series items. Parrot has a diverse line and will very likely have exactly the drone that you are looking for when it comes to a little fun. Happy hunting!

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