What Is The Best RC Submarine With A Camera?

rc submarine with camera
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Flying through the sky is amazing. Racing across rough terrain at high speeds has it's charms. Still, for some of us, there is another element to explore that is prime territory. We're talking about underwater, of course. Technology has brought us the means to explore the water and to film our adventures but now the hard part is selecting the means to do so. So, what is the best RC submarine with a camera for exploring your local lake or more? We're glad that you asked! In this article we will be discussing our top 5 picks for RC submarines that will allow you to take pictures and make videos of your experiences. If you are ready, let's begin our list!

The best remote control submarine with a camera

Determining the best of the best can be difficult, as there is a lot of competition out there. So we have narrowed it down to 5 picks for getting the most out of marine adventures. These range from novel to most-serious and come with a wide range of features. he top 5 picks for RC submarines with cameras are as follows:

5. My Toots Silverlit RC Submarineremote control submarine with camera

While not the yellow submarine that the Beatles sang about, this remote control submarine does come with some notable features. For one, a 60 minute charge time, gets you 40 minutes of play which is not bad at all. It also comes with a modest 640 x 480p camera for taking underwater footage. It also sports a feeding arm, so that you can coax the fish to come take a close look. If you are using it in the sea, it should be noted that it's only good for a depth of 50 feet / 1.5 meters, so if deep diving is your goal then this is not your model.

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4. Robosea Biki submersible

remote control submarineOur next remote control sub is the Robosea Biki. This one is a little more expensive and a little more robust. Designed to look like a robot fish, this submersible sports a 4k camera for high-definition views of what goes on under the waves. This one has a little more depth resistance, rated for 196 feet, and comes with a few other handy features as well. For instance, it has collision detection technology to avoid obstacles. It moves at a speed of 1.2 miles per hour and has an onboard GPS. The wide angle lens that comes with the small, but powerful camera helps to ensure great shots under the sea. Sadly, the video underwater is not live, so if you are looking for this then you may want to consider another model. You CAN, however, define a route for it if there are particular items that you wish to film. This model comes with a 32 gigabyte card for storage and while it is a submarine, it propels itself with its tail like a fish so if you are looking for a little novelty factor then this just might be the right submarine drone for you!

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"Goggles that can give you a 3D first person view of the undersea world "

3. Power Vision Powerray wizardsubmarine camera

Our 3rd entry for best submarines with a camera goes to the Power Vision Powerray. This one also sports a 4k camera that takes 12 mp pictures and you can indeed see a live stream video as you explore the depths(which( you can record to the included 64 gigabyte memory card). Great for treasure hunting, finding where to fish, and more, this RC submarine comes packed with features. Depthwise, this one is rated for 98 feet standard and 210 feet tethered(tether included in your package). Power Vision also makes goggles that can give you a 3D first person view of the undersea world that really has to be seen to be believed. It's like riding inside the Powerray. As a final touch the Powerray comes with it's own wheeled carrying case so you can transport it in style. Overall, a nice package.

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2. Trident Underwater drone

remote control subThe runner-up on our list at number 2 is the Trident underwater drone. With a 328 foot depth like the Nemo, the Trident also sports an open-source model. This means that you can customize payloads, such as sensors that you wish to include and more to expand upon the original design. Fancy a little exploring or some custom science? With the Nemo, you are equipped for exactly that. This model is rugged and comes with a scratchproof sapphire lens, it's camera delivers 1080p recorded video and 720 live streamed. This also includes color correction for the best in realism for your photo and video.

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1. Nemo Underwater Dronerc submarine

At number one we have the Nemo Underwater drone. This camera-equipped submarine comes with a number of bells and whistles which we think that you will like. First, we should mention the app. This drone works with an app called 'aquarobotman' which provides stabilization for taking the best photos. This is very cool. The camera is what you would expect in a high end submersible, with 4k resolution for the very best in photos and VR streaming can be done with glasses as with the Powerray. This is a tethered model that is designed for diving, descending at 6.6 feet per second and rated for a depth of 328 feet. With a running time of 3 hours, this is a great RC submarine for your aquatic adventures.

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In conclusion

Pool, pond, river, lake, or sea, these submersibles will give you a fish-eye view of the world below the surface. Whether you get it for the photography, for finding the best places to fish, or simply for the joy of popping on electronic glasses and exploring the depths 'firsthand' there is one or more submarines on this list that will have you covered. Be sure to check out any YouTube videos available on a model that you have your eyes on. Some of the features are quite mind blowing and your next vacation may well include a little scuba diving with a new robotic buddy. Happy diving!

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