Best Glue For RC Tires Guide

best glue for rc tires

best glue for rc tires Your RC vehicle gets a lot of love. Custom body work, custom parts, and the time that you invest ensures that the vehicle is uniquely YOURS. That’s why it’s important that you only use the best when it comes to fixing or affixing important parts on your vehicle. In today’s article we are going to discuss the best glue for RC tires as well as a few that we feel deserve mention, so that you can go into your glue purchase prepared to make sure that your RC is only getting the best. Let’s talk about RC glues!

Aren’t all CA glues the same?

Some people out there are going to tell you that any CA (cyanoacrylate) glue is the same as any other. To an extent there is a small truth to this, although you are talking about the difference between a Coca Cola and a generic cola at the store. They are both fizzy, sugar filled, and presumably cold… but you know that one is better than the other.

It’s all about the formulation and quality of materials involved.

For RC tire affixing or repairs, all glues are NOT the same. There are going to be additives that come with each type of glue that will make a difference. Consistency is another variable as well, some glues will be thick and others will be thin, and this makes a difference in the ease of application (and whether or not you might glue your fingers together on accident!). Lastly, these glues have different setting time and different levels of strength when it comes to their bond. So, ultimately, you could just use some superglue, but we recommend that you use a blend that is specifically formulated or simply excellent enough that you know your tires will only need to be glued in place once.

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Preparation is key

If you really want to ensure success, one good tip that you should always follow is ‘keep it clean’. If you take the time to clean the surface areas which you will be bonding with a 90% alcohol solution first, drying well to get any part that hasn’t evaporated, then you are halfway to success. Failing to clean the two areas that will be bonded is a big mistake, as contaminants can get in the glue and erode your bond over time. By keeping things clean you are maximizing the potential for a perfect bond. Don’t forget to clean any excess glue as well that flows where you don’t want it before the glue hardens!

Our 3 favorite RC tire glues

When it comes to making sure those tires don’t fly off during stunts, high-speed chases, or good old-fashioned racing we’ve boiled our list down to 3 favorite glues that we feel will treat your RC cars right. Without further ado, let’s look at some glues!

Dynamite CA adhesive tire glue

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Our first entry is Dynamite and the reviews on this product back up the hype… this glue is strong. Dynamite CA adhesive also has a quick setting time, so that you don’t have to wait so long before you can get your beloved RC back into high-speed hijinks and outrageous stunts. The only complaints that have been leveled on this product, in fact, are the applicator tip (which many complain is a little on the big side) and the quick-setting properties, with many advising on the latter that this is a great glue for immediate use but difficult for future applications due to the shortened drying time. At less than 8$ a bottle the quick-dry seems to be more an asset to us, but that’s just our opinion. Check it out for yourself!

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Team Losi Racing off-road RC glue kit

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Our next entry is Team Losi Racing off-road glue and unlike Dynamite, this one takes a little longer time to bond and consequently gives you more time to work with it. One of the nice parts about the Team Losi glue is the applicator tips. Team Losi provides two precision tips so that you can get the glue where you need it and the steel tip in the cap means that when you are done gluing those tires you can confidently put the product away for later use. So, how does it bond? Once it is set the glue is quite

“Team Losi also includes two bands to use with your tires.”

durable. Testing with an off-road 45 mph RC vehicle showed no signs of wear and tear, with the glue holding as-designed. Team Losi also includes two bands to use with your tires and at $13.99 it won’t break the bank so be sure to take a look at this one.

Bob Smith Industries Slow-cure epoxy

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Our final entry is great for a number of reasons. First, for bonding surfaces. You can mend fiberglass on a boat with this, bond wood, you name it! Our concern, of course, is how does it work with RC tires? Well, we are happy to report that the bond produced for this is one of the best, if not THE best out there and the reviews back it up. This product will take a little longer for bonding your tires in place (24 hours until it reaches full strength) but the bond is definitely worth the wait. Also, because this product is mixed and slow-cured you get more time to work with the product. With a standard glue you are looking at 2 or 3 minutes, maybe 4 if you are lucky, but with Bob’s you can spend 10 or 15 minutes making sure that everything is nothing short of perfect. For many RC enthusiasts, ‘perfect’ is the only way, and at $9.98 for the bottles we cannot recommend this one enough. Give Bob’s a try, you’ll be happy that you did!

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What is the Average Price Range for RC Cars?

The rc car price breakdown can vary depending on various factors. On average, entry-level RC cars range from $50 to $100, while mid-range models can cost between $100 and $300. High-end and competitive RC cars can exceed $500. However, prices may differ based on brand reputation, features, scale, and customization options.

What Are Some Recommended RC Repair Shops That Offer Tire Glue Services?

Looking for reliable rc repair shops near me that offer tire glue services? Look no further! We have compiled a list of recommended options for you. These expert repair shops specialize in RC vehicles and offer top-notch tire glue services to ensure secure and long-lasting bonds. Trust their expertise to keep your RC vehicles in peak condition.

Can Resetting the RC Car Remote Improve Tire Performance?

Resetting the rc car remote plays a crucial role in enhancing tire performance. By resetting the remote, you can recalibrate the control settings, ensuring precision and accuracy in controlling the car. This allows for smoother turns, improved traction, and overall better tire performance on any surface. So, don’t overlook the benefits of resetting the RC car remote for optimal tire performance.

In Closing

Today we’ve discussed RC glues and given you some advice on what we feel is the best out there. If you don’t like a slow-cure like Bob Smith’s then be sure to check out our other entries, we’re sure that one of these will treat your RC right. Happy trails!