Sharper Image DX 5: Our Review

Sharper Image DX 5

Sometimes called multirotors or quadcopters, drones are definitely hot right now. The sharper image dx 5 is no exception to this rule, as our review will show you. The word “drone” pertains to any unmanned aerial vehicle, or UAV. Everybody knows that you can control the dx5 drone and others  by using a remote control and manipulating its movements through its onboard computer. This great Sharper image drone dx5  looks like a little helicopter or airplane, and can fly for an extended period of time.

Sharper Image DX 5
Lars_Nissen_Photoart / Pixabay

Over the past few years, drones have made their way into our society as a way for photographers to capture our most special moments, businesses to survey their areas of work, and people to have fun in their spare time.

If you are in the market for a drone, or would like a fun entry vehicle to this amazing hobby, thesharper image dx5 drone is the way to go. Sharper Image is known for making products that people all around the world enjoy using, like fans, air purifiers, portable TVs and all kinds of helpful gizmos and gadgets. This DX 5 is no exception to the rule.

Tell Me About the Features!

OK, let’s take a look at some of the great features included in this amazing drone.

Autopilot: The Sharper Image DX5 is a video streaming drone that automatically lands, can take off, and even hover for stabilization. In this manner, you will get better videos at all angles. The auto hover feature makes sure you get a stable and non-shaky video captured in a way that makes it look very high quality.

Compatible: The DX-5 is compatible with most mobile phones that are supported by Android and iOS operating systems. It is therefore possible to browse images and videos on your phone while your drone is airborne. You can see what you are getting in real time!

Streaming of Images and Video: The high-def camera of the Sharper Image DX5 lets all the users capture videos and images of pretty decent quality.Just turn on the settings on the remote to get the best shots and angles. Enable the WIFI on your tablet or smartphone to stream live HD videos and impress your family! Imagine the joy they will get when they can share a cool moment with you even when they are far away.

Battery Life: This battery life lasts a while in terms of drone life. This drone features an LI-Poly rechargeable battery, so your fun can last a good long time. You won’t miss any good photos when you have this handy drone with you. The battery life is a lot like the Sharper Image DX4, in that it takes about one hour for the battery to recharge to 100%.  You do not need to constantly replace your battery-just rest for one hour and you can get right back to flying.

Controls: This drone features 4 speed switches that help you capture all the best views and shots you want. The maneuverability is greatly improved on this drone, and allows you to fly at a speed that is best for your skill. It is advised that newcomers to this and the drone world in general work with slower speeds, as it is easier to learn and will help you build confidence. You will get better as you go.

The Specs, Please

Now we will tell you about the specifications of this drone-it’s a real winner.

The DX5 is completely remote controlled, and it works in whatever angle you want. The multidirectional remote has a single button and lets you have a smooth hover with each and every camera roll.

You will also enjoy the 450 foot flying range, the autopilot feature, the long-range control, and the lack of FAA registration requirement. Other great things about this drone include the 6-axis gyro that grants you a steady flight, and the 4 gigahertz transmitter for a strong signal.

Finally, the drone is made of great quality plastic that won’t break in case a small fall happens. After all, this drone is absolutely recommended for beginners, who are more prone to flying their drone until it loses battery power (hey, it’s just a consequence of the excitement).

The start buttons are easy to navigate, even kids can figure it out. You can take photos just using a single button-great for casual picture-takers. Beginners will definitely be sold into the drone hobby with this.

It is also worth noting that the device is WIFI enabled-all you have to do is turn the WIFI on at your device, and then you can easily share all the photos and such that you have captured. With this, the multi-directional view ensures your photos will be top-notch and a pleasure to look at.

What To Look Out For?

As price is often the deciding factor for many buyers, it is worth noting that the price on this is pretty high. You might even wish to consider Sharper Image drone DX4 if you would still like a great quality drone at a good price.

Another problem you might encounter while using this drone is the slow gradual descend that happens. This also happens during the auto take off. Just be patient.

We noted that the flight time was pretty good at 15 minutes….but that’s also kinda low, too. Plus, you need to charge it for an hour.


All in all, the Sharper Image DX-5 gives you a great start to stream your videos and take photos in HD. The design is pretty slick and looks great, the hard quality plastic gives newcomers and veterans alike a sense of security while flying. The navigation is nice and easy, controls are pretty simple to learn, and everything functions as it should. It’s no DJI Mavic or Phantom, but this is a nice beginner’s drone and a great way to start off on the right foot into a fun hobby. Have fun and fly safe!