Best Phantom 3 Backpack Guide

Best Phantom 3 Backpack
Best Phantom 3 BackpackYour Phantom 3 is your faithful aerial pal. So, how do you get it from point A to point B? Sure, you can wrap it up in cloth and shove it in a school bag but do you really want to treat your expensive drone like that? The good news is that you don’t have to. There are a number of backpacks out there that can give you the ‘get up and go’ portability that you crave while protecting your precious Phantom 3 in times of transit. Let’s talk about the best Phantom 3 backpack options.

Choosing the right backpack for your Phantom 3

When selecting the proper backpack for your Phantom 3 there are a number of things to consider. Do you want a hard shell case for the extra impact protection or are you willing to trade that in for something that offers less impact protection and instead focuses on lightness and mobility? Weatherproofing is also important, as you certainly don’t want your expensive technology to get inadvertently wet. While the drones themselves are typically resistant to this the other accessories that you might be carrying are generally not going to, so you want something that protects you not only from knocks but from those fickle elements as well. For some another consideration is going to be size. Is the bag a carry-on size for the airport if you decide that you want to fly with it and don’t trust having it stored below you in the cargo hold? Lastly, whenever possible you want to select something that is custom designed for your specific drone. All of the selections which we are showcasing today fit the bill in that area, as they are designed specifically to fit the needs of your Phantom 3 drone. Let’s take a look and you can see for yourself!
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Depstech Protective Travel Hardshell Backpack CaseBest Phantom 3 Backpack

Click here to view this item on Amazon Our first entry is this rugged Depstech hard shell travel backpack. First, let’s talk about design. The hard shell case looks sleek, is scratch resistant, and it is quite durable in other ways as wellas well, serving to protect your drone and it’s accessories from sudden impact damage that can occur during a fumble or a fall. Further protection is afforded on the inside with shock resistant foam, designed to cradle your Phantom 3, the controller, and more in an effort to further insure that your investment doesn’t get damaged at the airport or when you are taking it to the park. How solid is this pack? Well, the manufacturers have decided that it is durable enough to warrant a 1 year replacement warranty, so if you do manage to damage your bag they will replace it at no charge. That’s confidence that you can get behind.

TOZO Hard Shell Travel Bag

Click here to view this item on Amazon Best Phantom 3 BackpackNext we have the Tozo hard shell travel bag which does the job you need with a little bit of style. Available in black or in camouflage, it sports a protective hard shell to help to absorb any impact damage which might occur. That said, it is not as scratch resistant as we might like so this is something to keep in mind if you do purchase this as a sacrifice to style. The interior is roomy and just what you need, sporting EPP foam that cushions and cradles your Phantom 3 and it’s accessories and it also has a number of pockets that you can use for carrying extras. It is lightweight, water resistant, and a great backpack for the money, but we should note that this is designed for your Phantom 3 Professional models and as such it will not fit a Phantom 3 standard.
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DJI Phantom 3- Hard Shell Backpack Best Phantom 3 Backpack

Click here to view this item on Amazon We always like to include excellent offerings that come from the manufacturer of the actual drones because let’s face it; they have an edge when it comes to their own equipment. This offering from DJI is
“They have an edge when it comes to their own equipment.”
a great example of this in action. Water resistant and lightweight (only 4 pounds) the exterior is a hard, black shell case which shows the DJI logo. It’s not just about style, though. That shell is great for absorbing impacts and it features chest straps to lighten your burden if you decide to fill the pack to its 22 pound maximum rated weight limit. The case may be closed by means of a zipper and you can padlock it if you like for extra security. So, what about the inside? Inside the DJI Hard shell is enough space to carry your drone and accessories but there is a caveat, you WILL need to remove the propellers. All in all despite this, we feel that is an excellent pack and certainly worth mentioning for your consideration.

Think Tank Photo Airport Helipak

Click here to view this item on Amazon Best Phantom 3 BackpackOur final entry is a lightweight option that is great for hiking out in nature to find the perfect flying zone for your Phantom 3. While it is not a hard shell case, the trade-off with the Think Tank Helipak is in space. The interior is roomy and allows you to store all kinds of things, such as lens caps, an Ipad, a laptop, extra batteries and more. The inside is heavily padded so you still get some protection from drops and fumbles and it is rain proof so you won’t have to worry about getting your beloved Phantom 3 wet. If you want something that is light and hiking-friendly then this is a great option that you won’t regret exploring.
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What is the Best iPad to Use with a Phantom 3?

When using a Phantom 3 drone, it’s crucial to find the best ipad for phantom 4 to ensure optimal performance. The compatibility and screen quality of the device play a significant role in achieving a seamless flight experience. By selecting the right iPad, you can maximize the potential of your Phantom 3 and enjoy a smooth and efficient piloting experience.

In Closing

In today’s article we have talked about the best backpack options that are available for your Phantom 3. While we stand behind our choices there are a number of other designs which are out there that you can utilize, you are certainly not limited to our selections. Our goal is simply to provide you with the specifications and hard data that can help you to make your decision. Whatever you choose, we wish you happy times with your Phantom 3!