Best Ipad For Phantom 4 Guide

Best Ipad For Phantom 4
Best Ipad For Phantom 4There are Android fans and then there are Apple fans. It’s quite the divide as you most certainly know, with Android users enjoying their granular control and extensive, often homegrown apps, while Apple users simply enjoy knowing that everything is going to work perfectly and beautifully with little or no input from themselves. These are the people whom we are addressing today. Folks like you who don’t want to overanalyze their gadget but simply enjoy the technology for the efficiency and aesthetics. To that effect we are going to showcase a few Ipads out there for those of you who wish to pair their Apple technology with DJI’s flying masterpiece. Let’s talk about the best Ipad for Phantom 4! The best thing about Apple One of the best things about selecting Apple products is the simple fact that they do their job and do it well. As the years progress and newer models come out, your Apple technology simply does not depreciate Click here to view this item on Amazon much. This is because Apple creates all their products with style and efficiency in mind. Dedicated Apple fans know this and have come to appreciate it. You know that when you purchase an Apple product that you are in for a delightful evening after that first charge. With that in mind let’s showcase the ipads we feel are going to be the best fit for your Phantom 4!

Apple iPad 32gbBest Ipad For Phantom 4

Click here to view this item on Amazon Our first entry is a favorite of many and just goes to show that with Apple technology you don’t need the ‘latest and greatest’ release in order to have a powerful tablet at your command. The original Apple Ipad has a huge advantage in its size.  With its 9.6 inch retinal display technology and wide range of colors, your drone adventures are both smooth and pleasantly, well, HUGE.
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The 10 hours of battery that come with the Ipad certainly don’t hurt, either. As far as the DJI Go software, your Apple Ipad is well-equipped to run it seamlessly, taking advantage of the Apple chipset’s 64 bit architecture to help to minimize or completely eliminate stuttering and lag. The Ipad also includes 2 gig of Ram and when it comes to touch screens, you simple can’t beat Apple. Your Phantom 4 tablet options give immediate responses when you tap the screen and when it gets down to it, that’s all you need. The only caveats to selecting this unit for your Phantom 4 drone adventures are twofold. First, with a larger screen comes larger weight, and you are going to notice that extra weight when you are holding the controller. This can translate out to a little less playtime until you get used to the extra weight. Secondly, the original Ipads are wonderful but they can get a little hot, so you may want to find a shady place for piloting your drone so as not to add to the tablet’s temperature.

Apple Ipad 2

Click here to view this item on Amazon Best Ipad For Phantom 4While not as powerful as some Androids, the Ipad 2 makes up for this failing in optimization. Apple is famous for this, making sure that all of your apps are responsive and quick when it comes to using your Ipad to interface with them. The Ipad 2 is a lighter option if you decide that the original Ipad is a bit too much on the heavy side and the display is only 768 x 1024 but that is actually not so bad once you are used to it. Where the Ipad 2 shines is it’s improved GPS integration and other enhanced features. For instance, changing your default position by means of the Ipad 2 is instantaneous. The hardware on these units is more than a match for what your DJI Go app requires and as such, you can expect instant response to commands through your Ipad, little or no lag, and stuttering is minimized (if you ever see it at all). There is a reason that people select Apple technology and the Ipad 2 used in conjunction with your Phantom 4 will demonstrate this in abundance.
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Ipad Mini 4Best Ipad For Phantom 4

Click here to view this item on Amazon Our final entry is the Apple Ipad Mini 4 and it’s the preferred choice of many Phantom pilots for a number of reasons. With its 7.9 inch display, it is much less bulky than the original Ipad and yet you still have a good viewing area. Another bonus is the weight. Only half of the weight of the bulky Ipad, the Ipad Mini 4 weighs in at only 6.6 pounds. As far as the display technology, the resolution for this unit is staggering. The 2048 x 1536 resolution and 8 megapixel camera ensure that the live stream of your flights is something that really needs to be seen and experienced to be believed. Details are crisp and sharp and if you are using your Phantom 4 for cinematography then you get a taste of what your finished product is going to look like in advance. Unlike our other two models, the Ipad Mini 4 is ahead
“Utilize the DJI Go app with little or no lag AT ALL.”
of its Android competitors with powerful hardware that can utilize the DJI Go app with little or no lag AT ALL. Due to its hardware power, the Ipad Mini 4 can run a number of editing software apps so when your flight is done you can take a little time editing and perfecting the video chronicles of your adventures. The only caveat that we have found is that you will want to keep the running apps to a medium when piloting your drone, otherwise your chances of lag will go up. Despite this, the Ipad Mini 4 is our favorite on this list and we feel it is the best Ipad for your Phantom 4.
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What Features Should I Look for in a Phantom 4 Backpack and Case?

When considering the best phantom 4 backpack options, there are a few key features to keep in mind. Firstly, durability is important to ensure the safety of your equipment. Look for a backpack with a sturdy construction and protective padding. Additionally, consider the storage capacity, compartments, and organizational features to accommodate all of your accessories. Comfortable shoulder straps and a waterproof design can also be beneficial for outdoor adventures. Ultimately, choose a backpack that suits your needs and offers reliable protection for your Phantom 4 drone.

Some final words

Today we have discussed our favorite Ipad picks for use with your Phantom 4. Keep in mind that all of these selections are going to perform well, it’s the finer points we’ve given you that will help you to decide which one is going to be perfect. Whatever you select, we wish you happy flights with Apple and DJI!