How To Remove Chrome From Wheels

how to remove chrome from wheels
how to remove chrome from wheels When you purchase a serious RC vehicle one of the best parts is the customization. A good RC is upgradable in many different ways. You can upgrade shocks, armor the outside with custom bumpers, install A-arms to protect during rolls. These are just a few examples but you serious enthusiasts out there know exactly what we are talking about. So, if you like to be really granular in your upgrades, what can you do about that chrome-finish on your wheels? In today’s article we will discuss several methods that you can employ to just that. Let’s talk about how to remove chrome from wheels!

Making your RC your OWN

Whether it’s the purchase of a spare, clear body so that you can paint your vehicle how you like or internal upgrades like the engine and battery, the key to a well-fitted RC is going to be having the knowledge to carry it out properly. Some of you out there like to customize everything and we understand it completely. After all, it’s part of the thrill. If the chrome finish on the wheels is simply not what you are looking for in your vehicle then there are ways to remove it so that you can start from scratch. Maybe you will paint an optical illusion on it so that the motion displayed is dizzying. Maybe you’ll ‘pimp your ride’ with liquid gold painted rims. Whatever you decide you need a base to start from and we can certainly provide you with that.
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Prepare, prepare, prepare!

Before you do anything you are going to need to prepare your wheels for the chemical treatment which they are about to receive. First, you will need to get the tires off. Depending on your type of RC this might be a simple matter of tugging it off or you might have to dissolve the glue first. Check the forums for your RC in particular or simply Google ‘remove tire rims’ and put the name of your RC. For example: Search: remove tire rims Traxxas Maxx Next you are going to want to clean the surface of the rims thoroughly and then dry them off. Failure to clean in advance can mean that cleaning chemicals which you employ are not coating the rim completely, resulting in unsightly areas on the rim. A simple cleaning can avoid this and ensure that you do a thorough job of getting all of that chrome finish off.

The methods  how to remove chrome from wheels

Now that you have a pristine surface to work with we can introduce you to some popular methods that we have gleaned from other enthusiasts in forum searches. Remember that RC tires may vary a bit from brand to brand, so if you aren’t certain about a  particular method or simply want to be thorough, do another Google search with your particular brand. For example: Search: Easy Off Oven Cleaner Traxxas rims This will quickly give you forum listings where you can see firsthand accounts from those who have tried exactly the same method that you are about to experiment with. Remember, there is a learning curve with the DIY aspects of customizing your RCs so a little experimentation is par with the course.
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It is how you become an expert. Finally, you can also consider ordering a spare set of tires from eBay or Amazon so that you can experiment ahead of time. Yes, this costs a little, but the expertise that you gain from actually performing a procedure yourself is far superior to simply following online directions and hoping that they apply to your make and model of vehicle.  Just a little friendly advice.

Castrol Super Clean

Our first entry is Castrol Super Clean and this purple goo can really help you out when it comes to dissolving the chrome finish on your rim. Once you have the rim cleaned then what you need to do is
“Let it sit for about half an hour”
apply the purple Castrol goo evenly to the rim surface and then let it sit for about half an hour. Scrub it down with an old toothbrush or one that you have purchased to use specifically for cleaning and repeat as necessary, you should end up with a nice, clean rim in no time.

Easy Off Oven Cleaner

Easy Off Oven cleaner is another favorite for cleaning up that rim and making it spotless. To use this method you will want to obtain a cloth facemask (or utilize a handy bandana) and some eye protection, preferably some plastic goggles. Spray down the rims with oven cleaner and place them inside a Ziploc plastic baggie. Seal the bag and let them sit out overnight (though if they appear to be cleaned up sooner then take them out, this is a strong cleaner). Now you just need to wash them well with warm water and dry them off. Your rims should be pristine and ready for whatever you wish to do to them.
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Drano Gel

Our third and final method for cleaning up those rims involves Drano gel. Normally used for unclogging pipes, the chemicals in Drano are up to the task of cleaning up those rims. To use Drano, simply take a small bowl and put some of the Drano gel in it, soak your rim in it for a few minutes, and wash it well with warm water. You can then proceed to the next wheel after drying off the first one. Best of all, you can dump the chemicals in the sink and that will help to keep it clog free! how to remove chrome from wheels

Is It Necessary to Remove Chrome from Traxxas Slash 2WD Wheels?

When considering the question of whether it is necessary to remove Chrome from Traxxas Slash 2WD wheels, traxxas slash 2wd review insights can provide valuable information. Some reviewers suggest that removing the Chrome coating can improve performance, as it reduces the overall weight of the wheels and enhances traction. However, others believe that the Chrome adds durability and aesthetic appeal, making it unnecessary to remove. Ultimately, the decision depends on personal preferences and expectations.

Some final words

Today we have discussed how to remove the chrome from your RC vehicle wheels if it is starting to look tatty or you simply wish to customize it to your heart’s content. Keep in mind, you can also purchase rims that are made out of aluminum if you aren’t looking to customize but simply to extend the life of the look. Otherwise, use one of our methods and your rims will be ready to do with as you please.